Transport of All Types of Dry Cargo

    transport of dry cargo

    Transport of Dry Cargo

    Logistics of dry cargo, FCL and LCL.

  • The logistics of general and bulk cargo is well known to the Transitex team, who has been for many years working with all products placed in this category, including foodstuffs.

    We work with all types of dry cargo and we offer a variety of options according to our customer's needs. From full dry containers, open top containers and LCL services, Transitex is able to offer all.

    We use all types of transportations, offering you sea freight, air freight and road freight services.


     Regular Transitex LCL Services

    Sea freight:

    LCL Departures 64

     LCL Departures 65 

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    Land Freight:

    In Southern Africa Transitex offers groupage services by road between our warehouse in Johannesburg and the cities of Maputo and Harare.

    JHN LCL Road Service


    *Includes cargo collection in the city of Johannesburg.

    ** Transitex Export Dispatch: 400 ZAR.