Transitex internationalization strategy continues in China

  • Recently strong markets for non-EU exports from Portugal have slowed down for various reasons, particularly in the Portuguese-speaking countries.

    In Angola´s case, among other factors, due to the fact that the economy is highly dependable on the oil´s market price whose value is now less than half the value compared to the previous year. In Brazil, the huge devaluation of the Real also discourages purchases in large quantity and facilitates their own exports.

    These are just two examples that help to understand why, more than ever, it has become essential for companies to look for other markets, try to know them and seek the best strategy to try to be present in them.

    China, as a trading partner of Portugal, has been gaining progressively greater importance especially in recent years. Not only because of the Chinese direct investment in the economy, which has been significant, but also on account of a targeted increase of Portuguese exports to a market in which the consumption of imported products has evidenced a large increase in demand.

    On a global perspective, China is almost always a major trading partner of most countries and particularly those in which Transitex is present with its own offices.

    Within this framework, we took the step to enter this country.

    Transitex was the first freight forwarder of Portuguese equity to enter mainland China! We are listed by local AICEP as a fully functional logistics provider.

    After almost three months since the opening of the office in Shanghai, we can state that we are already 100% active and our local team is duly trained and adjusted to the corporate culture.

    We have already handled air and containerized cargo to/from almost every country where we operate, which is a great source of pride and representative of the common effort that has been made by everyone!

    We still have a long and challenging way ahead and the support of all stakeholders is essential for this project to succeed.

    Who we are:

    Transitex is a global forwarding company focused especially in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries.

    What we do:

    We are a 3PL - Third Party Logistic Company, focused on door-to-door transports.

    We provide shipping services, air, road and logistics for all types of goods and we customize and tailor our services depending on the specificities of the businesses and projects.

    What are we most well-known for expertise-wise:

    Shipping refrigerated or standard containers and project cargo.

    Who are our potential customers:

    All economic operators involved in international trade. Exporters, importers, trading companies, sourcing or procurement companies, among others.

    Transitex China as a business partner - advantages:

    • Solid knowledge and accumulated experience in logistics and transports;
    • Possibility of using own transport documents in China (Bills of Lading Transitex China);
    • Close monitoring of exports or imports of goods;
    • Presence and proximity to local market and to decision makers and competitive contracts;
    • Accompanying customers to fairs or exhibitions enabling multi-language translation into Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, French, English;
    • Facilitating operations and businesses;
    • Support or advice on international trade in China;
    • Possibility of local payments.
    • Inspection and goods verification or survey;
    • Visit to suppliers or customers;

    ...among many others.



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