“We are worldwide, we are Transitex - lay paths, create value"

  • Transitex - The World Closer

    "We are worldwide, we are Transitex

    Lay paths, create value"

    This is just a short passage of Transitex 2012 anthem, which translates in full what we are and the spirit that moves us.

    After ten years, it seems like yesterday, and here I am, for the last year in another hemisphere, another continent, a country of culture and mentality quite different from the European.

    Chile, a country of opportunities, but where difficulties are present every hour of our day, as present as the Andes, which for years made this land the country at the end of the world. A modernized Chile, but where the weight of the recent past is well latent in the face and thought of every Chilean with whom we crossed.

    Chile is the world's largest producer of copper, lithium and iodine. Almost 57% this country exports are copper and its derivatives, followed by fruit in general, fish, wine and paper.

    Regarding imports, the main products are oil and oil products, chemicals, electrical and telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, vehicles and natural gas, mainly from the United States, China, Argentina and Brazil.

    According to Walter Molano, an economist at BCP Securities, the Chilean economy in 2015 should not exceed 0.5% growth, mainly due to the sharp fall in copper prices, combined with a loss of confidence of entrepreneurs and consumers, motivated by recent government reforms.

    Yet Chile remains the Latin American country with more trade agreements with the whole world, thus benefiting exports and imports as economic engine.

    And here we are, bringing down borders, facing challenges, because all together we make a difference! We are the world, we are Transitex - The World Closer.


    Lurdes Teixeira