Transport of launching girder

  • The launching girder that left the Port of Lisbon last June has arrived to Rio de Janeiro. This equipment will be used in a project that will be executed by the Mota-Engil, ECB and Engesur Consortium. This project consists in the improvement of the capacity of the road BR-381/MG (North) section, subsection Rio Una.

    Transitex was in charge of the logistics of this transport, assuring all the necessary technicalities, as well as advising on all the documentation and licences demanded to enter Brazil.

    This transport included 31 container cargo and 19 break bulk, weighting around 1000 tons. The transport has been made from Mota-Engil's construction yard in Porto Alto (Portugal) to the Lisbon's port. From here the cargo left to Rio de Janeiro, now it will be taken to the  construction yard of Empresa Construtora Brasil (ECB), company participated by Mota-Engil, that is located in the brazilian town of Belo Horizonte.