Transitex Made the First Ever Shipment of Spanish Stone Fruit Arrive at China

  • Transitex is proud to have been the first logistics operator to accomplish this feat. Of course it wouldn't have been possible without our client, the exporter Campo y Tierra del Jerte, company that owns the cargo, a container of plums.

    The cargo left Plasencia, in the Spanish Extremadura region, and was loaded at the Port of Algeciras in July 2016, from which it followed by sea to Shanghai. The arrival of the container happened on the 17th of August. After unloading the container, as is usual practice, the fruit underwent a phytosanitary inspection at the customs, which proved its quality and its optimum state for being sold and consumed in the Chinese market.

    An unprecedented logistical operation, with a final result that left everyone involved proud and satisfied with the achieved goal. This operation also launches a big opportunity for the Iberian fruit exporters, that now may explore the possibility of entering the giant Chinese market.