In 2014 Tiago Martins will be the new responsible for Transitex Itália.

  • Tiago Martins is a name that is deeply connected with Transitex Moçambique. Newly-graduate and having just been hired by a multinational audit company in Lisbon, had the good fortune of mentioning, during a dinner with Tansitex employees that his dream was to return to Mozambique! After a short training at Transitex Lisboa, where he basically learned that 40' container is equivalent to 2 TEU's, he opened in 2008 Transitex Moçambique. 

    A story of success that translates today in a large group of employees in  Maputo, Beira, Nacala and mora recently in Cuchamano, in the border to Zimbabwe.

    Bet on those who are winners to lead new projects is the best choice!

    In 2014 Tiago Martins will be the face of Transitex Itália.

    Italy is the 3rd largest source of refrigerated cargo  forwarded by Transitex from Europe and is the country with the most significant growth  of exports to Mozambique.

    More news from Genova next January!