Together for Arganil

  • In the scope of Transitex Social Responsibility, the company started in November the project "Juntos por Arganil" ("Together for Arganil"). After the fires that destroyed part of Portugal during the summer of 2017, there were more than 100 people dead, dozens injured, and a huge area of ​burned forest, in addition to the many families that lost everything. Transitex's team was aware of the scale of this catastrophe, so we decided to try to help.

    With the enormous support of S.O.S. Arganil, we were able to get to know and get in touch with a family from the village of Vinhó, in the municipality of Arganil, one of the most affected by the wildfires (district of Coimbra, in Portugal's interior). A couple in their sixties, whose house was partially destroyed, being now uninhabitable. They have lost almost all of their belongings, as well as their animals and vegetable garden.

    Transitex's project is to return this family their home. It is a complex, multi-phase plan. In addition to a team of construction professionals, our team will also work on the ground to achieve our final goal. We also hope to have the support of our clients, partners and friends, in the collection of funds and donations, such as construction materials, furniture or appliances.

    The Transitex team will soon have more information on the progress of this project and, certainly, in the near future, excellent news about its results.