"Together for Arganil" Continues

  • In November, Transitex compromise to give back its home to a family affected by the forest fires of October this year. Our work was centred in the village of Vinhó, in the municipality of Arganil, where we began to rebuild a house partly destroyed by the fires, belonging to a couple in their 60s, who also lost their crops and their animals, chickens and sheep , who died trapped by the flames.

    With the support of S.O.S. Arganil, which has flagged affected families as well as all the needs of the region, Transitex was able to reach out to this family.

    Our plan was from the beginning a project to be executed in phases: designate the family; signalling needs; finding who would do and execute the construction work project; obtaining donations of building materials and furniture; obtain money donations; involve our employees to the maximum, both in fieldwork and promoting this cause. We have the ambition to be able to condense on us enough support to allow us to help not only this family, but also others in the municipality of Arganil.

    In this festive season, Transitex did not only want to be a company making a donation, we wanted to create and execute our own project, which would be within our control from start to finish. For the execution of this project, we have counted on donations, from friends, partners, clients, and we will continue to do so. Our guarantee, to the ones helping us to help, is that we too are paying a large portion of the expenses, that we are organizing, supervising and coordinating all parts of this project, that we have a fully mobilized and focused Transitex team on this subject and that we will successfully complete our goal.

    We thank all those who have helped us to help! The work is not yet finished, but thanks to you, we are getting closer.

    We are already going beyond what we imagined. On December 21, 580 trees arrived in Arganil, a donation from the company Sentido Verde, which we received with satisfaction. In January, with the support of S.O.S. Arganil, our employees will plant these trees in deforested areas of the county.

    Our campaign continues, be sure to get involved in this cause!


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