Kutsaca Project

  • The Transitex team feels it his duty to support the development of communities that surround us. So today we start a campaign to help a social project, which we consider of great value to develop itself.

    The Kutsaca Project aims to support a rural community in the region of Bilene, in Mozambique, by promoting the development of personal and social skills among children of the village. The project's goal is to provide these children with access to education, one of the fundamental principles recognized in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNICEF), key in an attempt to ensure equal opportunities.

    Transitex wants to help The Kutsaca project in two ways: by offering our logistics services to deliver in Mozambique materials donated to the project from Portugal and a contribution to the construction of the Little School Kutsaca.

    The fundraising for this contribution begins today with a sales campaign of Transitex pencils among our teams, families and friends.


    To learn more about this project: