III Convention Transitex LATAM

  •  More than consolidate the past, discuss the present and prepare the future, this was to all those present, a source of great satisfaction over the fact that we are one company with cross values ​​throughout the all organization, group spirit and a strong dedication in the pursuit of the goals we set to ourselves.

    As has been happening since the first edition, we invited partners that stand out, either by the existing connection or the added value they represent for Transitex. This year we had the presence of Paul Yankelunas and Carlos Pastor Shapiro, USA, whose presence has exceeded our expectations.

    Some of the participants in this event left us their testimony about its importance and meaning:

    Fernando Lima

    "I am proud to be part of this working group. Over the course of three days I was able to confirm, if there were any doubts, we're on the right way to concretize our goals. Congratulations to all and a hug to the organization that has contributed in an exemplary manner to the success of this meeting. Mexico will have a difficult task in 2016! "

    Elisabete Machado

    "It was a very productive work week, the company already has a large size and increasing the organization of such events is critical to feed the synergy between the various offices. I take this opportunity to congratulate Transitex Colombia for organizing the convention! Everything was perfect! "

    Lurdes Teixeira

    "Because in Transitex we worry about doing more and better, together we debate the best way to achieve our goals- Transitex, the world closer."

    Alan Almeida

    "Being able to exchange points of view, expose problems, plan solutions and improvements together means that we have a more united team, that is focused in going forward in the same direction."