House inauguration in Vinhó

  • In November, Transitex started its ambitious social responsibility project "Together for Arganil". Our goal was to rebuild a house destroyed by the severe forest fires of October 2017 in Portugal.

    Through S.O.S. Arganil (an ONG from Arganil's municipality), we got to know the reality of the region and several affected families, from which we chose one that had been displaced and was living with relatives. Mr. António Agostinho and his wife, Mrs. Fernanda Silva, from the village of Vinhó, had been living in a daughter's house since October, after the interior of their house had been burned, making it uninhabitable.

    To recover the home of this family and offer them comfortable and decent housing conditions, Transitex started a process involving several phases and a lot of dedication. The project was coordinated by our team from the beginning to the end, with several volunteer actions on the ground and our regular presence at the construction site, always ready to solve all the unforeseen events that have arisen. For weeks, our time and energy have been channelled into this project, with which we committed 100%.

     In addition to the investment made by us, Transitex asked for help to help, through a fund raising account and the solicitation of donations of construction materials, furniture and household appliances. To this request for help, many of our customers, suppliers, friends and employees responded generously. We thank them for their help and for the confidence they have shown our work.

    On January 6, 2018, the Transitex team inaugurated and delivered the "new" house to this family. The event was attended by Paulo Amaral, President of the Union of Villages of Vila Cova de Alva and Anseriz, Fernando Valle, advisor to the Secretary of State for Forestry and Rural Development, Fernando Lima, CEO of Transitex, as well as the team of S.O.S. Arganil and several people from the closest villages, curious with the result of this project.

    With the construction completed, Transitex is proud to have succeeded in completing this considerable challenge. The greatest reward for all the team involved was, of course, the happiness of Mr. Agostinho and his wife, upon seeing their house completely renovated and furnished, ready to be inhabited again.

    Transitex will continue its support for Arganil and in the coming weeks our team will once again be on the ground to plant 880 trees in the municipality, donated by the company Sentido Verde, in a joint effort with S.O.S. Arganil, who knows the needs of the region better. Our goal was, from the beginning, to return the home of a family, but always with the ambition of being able to collaborate more widely for the recovery of the region, so we will continue to channel all the building materials that we reach for this project.