Boots on the Ground Project

  • The African Forest Elephant Foundation it's a NGO dedicated to protect the highly endangered Forest Elephant, as well as its habitat.

    The NGO started a project named "Boots on the Ground" with the aim of helping out some of the people protecting this elephants, the forest rangers, based on the Dzangha Sangha Special Reserve in the Central African Republic.

    The African Forest Elephant Foundation donated one hundred boots and five hundred socks to the rangers, so they can work in conditions that are more comfortable.

    Transitex team felted the need to help supporting this project. We reach out to our service provider AMI (airline handlers), questioning if they were willing to cooperate with us, which they accepted. In an action of joint-work, we were able to offer the transport of the donations.

    We are happy to inform that the donations have already reach its destiny. We also would like to thank these rangers for their noble work protecting the amazing elephants.

    You can read more about "Boots on the Ground" project, from the African Forest Elephant Foundation, on their website: