Transitex Chile

  • Dear all,

    Transitex is a unique company.

    A Spanish company with Portuguese capital!

    Our natural markets are, apart from Iberia, all the Portuguese speaking countries and Latin America; this is where we are, and where we are working to do the difference.

    We are growing in Southern Africa, where we are building a logistic offer that will support all kinds, and all types of exports from our clients.

    In South America, we built an integrated network. With its focal point in São Paulo, Brazil, we already have Transitex in Peru and Colombia.

    We`ve just opened Transitex Chile. Mainly, these words are to welcome our new colleagues and to inform our customers that we did it for you and we thank you for your trust and for allowing us to do it.

    To all, I would like to say that it`s not the end of our growing policy.

    We`re just getting started!


     Assinatura FL

    Fernando Lima